Dyeing Info

Dyeing Info: Formal Shoes, Dyeable Formal Shoes

DISCOUNT WEDDING SHOES offers the best formal shoes for your wedding & prom at the best prices exclusively from Touch Ups. Most of our formal shoes are dyeable formal shoes intended for dyeing to different colors. We do not offer a dyeing service online for your formal shoes due to the tricky nature of dyeing shoes. To ensure your satisfaction with the dyeing process have your formal shoes dyed in your hometown and follow the helpful hints listed below. Dyeing formal shoes is an art and not a science. When dyeing your formal shoes to the proper color, you will have a beautiful accessory to your dress.

  1. Not everyone who mixes colors for dyeing your formal shoes and is good at it! Because of this always insist on approving your color before your formal shoes are dyed. Ask your dyer to put his mixed color on the test material which is provided in each box of formal dyeable shoes. Now you will be able to see your color before it is dyed and you’ll know exactly what your formal shoes will look like when they are finished.
  2. Dyed items look different from indoor to outdoor (natural) lighting. Dyeing formal shoes peach, beige and taupe for example will look pinkish outside. Dyeing formal shoes grey can take on a purple tone outside. Color changes in different light settings is due to the fabric that is being dyed and simply can not be avoided. Inform the individual dyeing your formal shoes of the lighting at your affair. Also when you go to approve your color take the test material that your dyer put your color on and look at it in the appropriate lighting. This will allow you to see any variance in color and make you feel more comfortable about the color you are dyeing your formal shoes. Once again you’ll know exactly what you are getting in the dyeing process.
  3. Dyeing formal shoes is not a waterproof process.The dye applied to your formal dyeable shoes is water soluble. If your dyed formal shoes are exposed to water or heavy moisture the dye can bleed or stain. To prevent this use a water repellent spray on your dyed formal shoes and bags. The spray will not make your dyed formal shoes fully waterproof but it is the best available protection against staining. The spray is sold at most shoe repair shops. It is fast drying and will not affect your color. Once your formal dyeable shoes have been sprayed the color is sealed in meaning you can not re-dye your formal shoes at a later date. If you choose not to spray your formal dyeable shoes you will be able to dye them a darker color at a later date if you so desire.
  4. Most shoe repair shops have a dyeing service for formal dyeable shoes. The cost of dyeing formal shoes varies from $5 to $15. Call around for the best price for your dyeing needs. If you bring someone 4 pairs or more that you will be dyeing all the same color you may also be able to negotiate a better price. It never hurts to ask!!!